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How could journalling help me?

Writing and journaling in particular is one of the best ways to organise your thoughts and record your memories. But did you know it also has many health benefits? It can ease anxiety

Firstly journalling has been seen to help people struggling with anxiety.

Writing down your positive and negative experiences has a positive effect on your immune system. It is extremely therapeutic to brain dump all of the things you need to say or all of the things weighing down on your mind. It can feel like a weight has been lifted! Aids Mediation

Journalling could be used as a meditative experience or alongside meditation.

Meditation is a practice of clearing your mind and relaxing. Journalling can have the same benefit as you scribble down all of life’s stressors to paper. Your journal can feel like a best friend!

It is there for you to vent all of your thought and feelings with zero judgement or opinion. It can lead you to a happy state of mind by allowing yourself to work through your problems, eventually letting them go. Take a deeper look inwards

The process of journalling is a great way to delve deeper into ourselves.

Self enquiry aids personal growth. It helps you reflect and review situations in your life so that you can learn from them and maybe deal with them differently in the future. So would you like some clarity of thought, to know yourself better, reduced stress, increases problem-solving capabilities and the ability to resolve disagreements with others then why not put pen to paper today!?

If you would just like to find out more about journalling or have any questions about yoga in general then please use the Contact Me page on my website for details on how to get in touch. No questions is too big or too small!

Similarly, if any of this has sparked your interest but you're not sure where to start I will soon be streaming a 30 day online series that might just help point you in the right direction! Again you contact me for more details.

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